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At Otarian we know that truly sustainable food must be vegetarian food as it is good for everyone and everything on the planet. No animals are killed, no-one goes hungry because of us and the earth’s resources are used efficiently.

That’s why we offer you nourishing, delicious, pure vegetarian meals.
We think it’s the easy, tasty, feel good way of caring for ourselves and the planet all at the same time.  And because we really care about sustainability, we are the world’s first-ever completely vegetarian restaurant chain.

We are also the first ever low carbon restaurant chain, using a cradle to grave analysis in the carbon footprinting of every menu item.

We know we have set our sights very high! Healing the planet is a huge job but we believe together it’s possible and the alternatives are horrible.  When you eat our Tex Mex Burger or Vegetable Biryani or Choc O Mousse instead of their meat-based meal equivalents, you are doing the right thing. It’s as easy as that! Maybe the meat industry won’t agree – but the world will.

If one Otarian meal saves a kilogram of carbon emissions and grain or a litre of water or oil, imagine the cumulative benefits of Otarian eating!

So join us. Grab an Otarian meal and help us, one yummy bite at a time, to heal the planet.