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Otarian is based on our passion for, and dream of, a sustainable planet, and this vision is paramount to the concept and implementation of the Otarian philosophy. It is the tangible display of our hope in the intelligence of human kind to understand, accept and adapt to a more sustainable way.

One of the main contributors to global environmental degradation is the livestock industry. The effects of large-scale meat production are wide-spread and impact unsustainably on almost all aspects of the environment whilst creating other economic and social costs. Greenhouse gas emissions, inefficient utilisation of resources, deforestation, water pollution, land degradation, unfair trade, ill health and obesity are just some of these costs. The Otarian menu is completely meat-free, a delicious range of vegetarian options that eliminate the negative effects of livestock production whilst providing nourishment. Otarian serves dishes that travel the globe offering to all food that loves life and the planet.

At Otarian we also focus on evolving sustainably in all aspects of our operations; in particular, our social, economic and environmental endeavours are conceived and implemented with sustainability at their core.

After years of working, researching and struggling Otarian takes its first steps, launching 4 Otarian restaurants in New York and London in 2010. This is an initial step for us and hopefully also a decisive step for humankind towards eating and being more sustainably.

Each and every individual consuming an Otarian meal makes a small but meaningful difference to the planet and all its inhabitants. We know that to save one life is to save a world entire; that one seed holds within the possibility of regenerating all the world’s forests. And even if one Otarian meal saves a kilogram of carbon emissions and grain or a litre of water or oil, imagine the cumulative benefits of Otarian eating! Together we can change the planet’s current trajectory! Otarian’s goal is to provide guests with delicious vegetarian alternatives and, in so doing, to empower them to make a positive impact on the environment one meal at a time. This is why Otarian has undertaken ground breaking research and provided the first ever comprehensive CO2e footprint for every item on our menu. Each person has a role to play, a significant contribution to make and at Otarian we’ve made it easy for you to see exactly how much you are helping life and the planet.

We stand at the crossroads of the past and the future. Vegetarianism, or at very least a substantial decrease in meat consumption, is a simple, immediately available way of reaching many environmental, social and economic sustainability goals.

Meat consumption and ongoing, increasing unsustainability or increasing vegetarianism and increasing sustainability?

There really isn’t a choice.

So please, come and sit with us, join us in eating at the Otarian Table.

The future is up to us.